Monday, January 28, 2013

Navy Aircraft Carrier

The aircraft carrier USS can stop and start planning and maintenance of these aircraft and their crews. Planes taking off and landing on the floating-point or in the cockpit, which is a ship called "Flattop." And "the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, making the ship. Navy in the United States has been a pioneer in the creation of an aircraft carrier. Was the first time that the plane never took off from a warship was November 14, 1910, when the U.S. Navy aircraft took off from the platform to the bow the cruiser Birmingham. Jan. 18, 1911 the battleship Pennsylvania built a platform on the stern so great that he could not just drive the plane and on the ground alone.

In 1922, the United States built the first military ship exclusively to carry and fly the aircraft carrier ¬ l'aria first real job in the basic design does not differ much from the airline today. It was a ship at Langley United States. In 1944, the carrier will be ¬ came the first line of each vessel in the fleet, both offensive and defensive purposes. The Navy was reorganized around the wearer. After 500 years and more, the battleship is not the most important warships fleet.

In 1952, there were four general classes of aircraft carriers in service, as well as two new super-class vectors were constructed. Among the carriers already floating, were classes: CVBS, the largest class, such as Midway and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They have a displacement of about 60,000 tons, or more or less like a big ship. Cockpit is about 900 meters long and 113 meters wide. Maximum speed is 34 knots. HP, the next higher class, as a boxer and Valley Forge. They have a displacement of about 40,000 tons, almost as much as the major carriers, but the cockpit closer, about 800 meters to 93 meters. Rate is approximately the same node 34th CVLS with 620 cabin crew meters to 76 meters and a speed of about 33 knots, and the transition from 10,000 to 15,000 tonnes. CVE, smaller carriers, known as "Jeep" carriers.

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